Color:  The color of macro-crystalline quartz is as variable as the spectrum, and includes clear, white or cloudy, purple (amethyst), pink (rose quartz), gray or brown to black (smoky quartz). Luster is glassy to vitreous. Crypto-crystalline forms are also found in most every color and are usually opaque to waxy. 

Gemstone Info: Quartz, also referred to as “rock crystal” is attractive and durable, and can be cut and carved in many forms and sizes. Quartz is named after a Slavic word for "hard". There are two main varieties of quartz which include many gemstones. Macro-crystalline quartz (amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, etc.) is mostly transparent to translucent and Crypto-crystalline quartz (agate, carnelian, jasper, onyx, etc.) is usually opaque to waxy, but can be vitreous.


Healing Properties: Quartz is a powerful stone. They are used in watches, computers and other technologies because of their ability to hold and transmit energy. It is said to be extremely beneficial for healing, meditation, protection, and harmonizing and balancing one's environment. Because it balances energies, it is said to be helpful in romantic relationships. Quartz is reputed to be particularly effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, diabetes, and to improve mental and physical energy.


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